seattle outside storage

Outside Storage for Seattle & Eastside

If you live in the Seattle area and need outdoor storage space to store a boat, boat trailer, car, truck, RV, camper or pickup, our secure self storage lots are the perfect choice. We operate several fenced, conveniently located storage lots with 24/7 access. In addition to vehicle and boat storage, they're ideal for commercial laydown. Ask about our security-patroled long term parking lots.

boat storage for seattleSeattle Outside Storage is not only more affordable than indoor storage, it's more convenient. You can drive into any one of our fenced and secure storage yards to access your property 24/7. Our competitors limit access hours.

Business owners love our large yards because crews can easily load, unload and store whatever they want any time of the day. They can also lease additional space for less money.

Our storage yards are clean and well maintained. They're strictly for storage, parking and laydown; they're not working yards. You may not work on a car or truck in any of our storage facillities. We are not responsbile for property stored in our facillities. All property must be self-insured. Blue tarps are not allowed. Compare prices and give us a call.

Car & Trucks

All of our long term outside parking lots are fenced and well maintained. You're free to purchase adjoining spaces to double or triple the available square footage. Rates vary based on the vehicle's size, length of stay and location. Call now for available space and the latest rates.

Commercial Laydown

Our fenced outdoor lots with 24/7 easy access are ideal for lay down and inventory storage. Store trucks and heavy equipment. Centralize your fleet into one conveniently located industrial yard. Box trucks, food trucks, delivery vehicles and moving vans are all welcome.

Boat Storage

Many of our conveniently located storage lots are near boat ramps. Park your sailboat, motorboat, yacht or pleasure craft. Kayaks, rowboats, canoes — anything that fits inside one of our dry boat storage yards is welcome. And it won't cost you and arm and a leg.